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OUR HISTORY & volunteers



JJ’s Helping Paws was formed in memory of Jeri (JJ) McGuire.  

In 2005, JJ started the first low-cost spay/neuter program for dogs in Fremont County. At the same time, JJ’s twin sister, Nazalee, started the first low-cost spay/neuter program for cats. JJ also started a dog grooming program at the local animal shelter (with her own funds) in order to improve the chances of dogs being adopted.

JJ was so passionate about animals that she continued her work despite a devastating terminal cancer diagnosis.  JJ knew that Fremont County so desperately needed these programs and wanted her hard work to continue. Nazalee promised JJ that it would, so she gathered a group of dedicated, like-minded volunteers who combined their talents and passion for animals and JJ’s Helping Paws was born in 2014! 

Today - and every day - we honor JJ in all that we do to continue her vision and dedication for the cats, dogs, and pet owners of Fremont County.


Our Volunteers


JJ's Helping Paws is made up of passionate and very loyal volunteers who work tirelessly to help pet owners and the animals of Fremont County.

JJ's Board of Directors is also made up entirely of dedicated volunteers who believe in our mission.

If you would like to volunteer for JJ's please contact us. We can always use the help of passionate animal lovers!